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Neverfrost USA, Inc.





Hi. We’re Neverfrost. We make durable, transparent, infrared-reflective films for automobile glazings.

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our technology

Harnessing the power of nanotechnology to protect your windshields

nano-composites at work

Neverfrost is a clear film that is applied by a professional on a vehicle’s windows & windshields, just like tinting. It is designed to protect windshields from natural and seasonal elements, such as insulating against summer heat, preventing frost during winters, and avoiding stone chips on windshields.

Neverfrost uses proprietary multi-layer nano-composites sandwiched in a single 100 micrometer thick film to protect windshields around the year.

88% visible light transmission
90% solar infrared reflection
95% frost prevention rate
91% of stone chips prevented

Neverfrost is looking to build a network of certified Neverfrost installers across the world. We want to partner with the highly rated professionals who deeply care about providing exceptional customer service and experience. If that sounds like you, give us a call at 1-844-326-3838 or shoot an email at team@neverfrost.com.


We love to hear from businesses and consumers who want to try out Neverfrost, irrespective of the application you have in mind. If you’re interested, call us at 1-844-326-3838 or email us at team@neverfrost.com. If we don't reply within 24-hours, we’ll give you a lifetime discount of 10% on Neverfrost!


If you have a high-penetration network of car dealerships, auto repair shops, or window film installers, then we’d love to talk to you. Neverfrost is looking to expand into both local and global markets, and we’d love to work with experienced distributors. If you're interested, give us a phone call at 1-844-326-3838 or reach us via email at team@neverfrost.com.

neverfrost for businesses

Protect your fleet with Neverfrost to reduce maintenance and fuel costs.

Fleet operations ranging from long-haul freight transportation to short-term car rentals can benefit from Neverfrost’s cost reduction technology. Contrary to expensive fuel saving alternatives like APUs, Neverfrost is a low-cost solution with minimal maintenance requirements that just does its job.

Here’s how Neverfrost can help your fleet reduce costs:


Summer Fuel Savings

Neverfrost keeps vehicles cooler during summer by reflecting 41% of total solar heat away from windows. By keeping vehicles cooler, Neverfrost reduces A/C fuel consumption by 20%.



Stone chips are a thing of the past. Our film absorbs the impact from unfriendly rocks so you’re not stuck searching for a new windshield in the middle of a trip, or worse, a DOT violation ticket.


pain-free winters

No more scraping frost, period. Snow and freezing rain will not stick to the windshield either. You’ll be safer on the road, and you won’t be wasting time & fuel defrosting every winter morning.

cost reduction basics

By eliminating stone chips and reducing fuel wastage on seasonal annoyances, Neverfrost can save fleets $600-$1200 per vehicle per year in unwanted expenses. We estimate this based on an industry average mileage of 100-150k miles and 1-2 windshield replacement per year.

Keep in mind that the predicted savings do not include revenue lost due to a sidelined truck, costs of fighting a DOT violation ticket, wages paid to drivers who cannot be on the road, etc. Your actual savings could be much higher.

additional benefits

Find out how your fleet and drivers can benefit more with Neverfrost!

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UV Protection

Neverfrost blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation, where as your typical windshield only blocks 30%.

Freon Savings

If your drivers are driving over 100k miles/year, Neverfrost can reduce your Freon costs by as much as 20%.

Increased Safety

Neverfrost keeps windshields clear during rough weather by reducing rain, snow and ice adhesion by 90%.

Greater Profits

When your vehicles spend less time in the garage, they spend more time out on the road earning you bigger profits.

neverfrost for consumers

Let us worry about seasonal annoyances while you enjoy the seasons.

Neverfrost was developed to solve pain points our friends and family suffered as car owners. One year later, we created Neverfrost, a one-step solution to all your seasonal annoyances as a car owner. And the best part? We’ve made Neverfrost durable enough to last 5 years with just one application.

Here's what you can expect from Neverfrost:


Cooler Summers

Neverfrost keeps your car cooler by as much as 30°C by reflecting 90% of solar infrared radiation. You won’t be able to bake cookies in your car, but at least you’ll be more comfortable.


Pain-Free Winters

You will never scrape frost again. Snow ice, and freezing rain will also stick 90% less strongly, so you can practically brush the white powder off on those snowing mornings.


Tougher Windshields

Neverfrost will prevent stone chips from rocks hitting your windshield at speeds of up to 80 mph, although we don't recommend driving that fast since you’ll be breaking the law!

getting your hands on neverfrost

Neverfrost is currently available for pilots trials with businesses only, but we’ll be launching a beta test with consumers in October, 2014. Leave your email address in the Stay In Touch section below and we’ll be sure to keep you informed!

save with neverfrost

Did you know that Neverfrost pays for itself over its lifetime?

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Fuel Savings

By keeping your car cooler, Neverfrost reduces the amount of fuel your car's A/C consumes by 20-40%. You can count on Neverfrost to save you $100-200 per year.

Winter Savings

When your windshield is clear every winter morning, you’ll save money on de-icer sprays, windshield washer fluid, and fuel you waste on defrosting your windshield.

longer Wiper Lifetime

Ice and frost are amongst the biggest causes of windshield wiper damage. With clean windshields, your wipers won't have to deal with damaging debris.

work at neverfrost

We want to accelerate the pace of commercializing nanotechnology. Want to help?

we want to work with you, not your resume.

At Neverfrost we value your personality, resourcefulness and hunger as much as your experience, so don't be shy to reach out if you haven't had relevant experience yet. If you believe that you can make a difference at Neverfrost, then we will make the time to listen to you.

If you’re passionate about what we’re working on right now and excited about what we’re trying to build, apply to one of the openings below by emailing us at team@neverfrost.com.

product development engineer

Ideally someone with a chemical engineering background, your focus will be on research and development of various layers of the Neverfrost film. We want you to be able to take projects from concept to realization in unconventionally short time frames. 

product engineering intern

We know that there is a gap between what you learn in school and what you apply in the real world, and that's why our #1 requirement of you is that you're street smart. Relevant experience or domain knowledge will help you hit the ground running, but it's not a necessity.

product manufacturing engineer

You will be the subject matter expert on polymer processing and converting on our team. Taking variations of Neverfrost from concept to prototypes to large-scale production will be your bread and butter. 

<insert title here>

You love what we do and resonate with the way we see the world, but your ideal role isn't listed here. That’s alright, send us an email anyway! If you're someone we really want to work with, we will create a position just for you.

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