Protect your windshield, reduce your costs, reward your drivers.


A thin, transparent film applied on the exterior surface of a windshield to augment it with innovative, cost-saving properties.

Five Revolutionary Features

Stone Chip Prevention

ExoShield absorbs the impact energy from stones hitting your windshield to prevent stone chips and windshield breakage.

UV Rejection

ExoShield blocks 99.9% of harmful UV radiation to help reduce the risk of skin cancer for drivers and passengers.

Improved Visibility

ExoShield reduces snow, ice, and water adhesion by 60% to improve your visibility and keep you safer in harsh weather conditions.

Heat Reduction

ExoShield Solar Only

ExoShield rejects 90% of solar infrared radiation to keep vehicles cooler, drivers comfortable, and lower A/C fuel consumption by 20%.

Frost Prevention

ExoShield AntiFrost Only

ExoShield keeps windshields frost-free so you no longer have to scrape every winter morning and drive with a clear view of the road.

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See ExoShield Film Line

Major Benefits

All-around benefits from a simple, reliable, low-cost investment. ExoShield offers a wide array of benefits for every automotive vehicle & operation type.


Cost Savings

Lower A/C fuel usage

Lower defrosting related idling time

Fewer windshield repair and replacements

Improved productivity


Driver Safety

Better visiblity during harsh weather conditions

Unobstructed view with frost free windshields

99.9% UV rejection to lower skin cancer risk



Cooler cabin temperature

Frost free windshields

Better visiblity during harsh weather conditions


Eco Friendly

Better visiblity during harsh weather conditions

Lower fuel usage and associated green house gas emissions

Lower glass landfill waste that takes a million years to decompose

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